Private ‘USA’ registration plate

A few years ago I bought a private registration plate for my PT Cruiser.

The plate read “… USA” (with the ‘…’ being three letters / numbers) as it was the shortest registration plate with the letters USA in it that I could find.

As the Dodge Nitro is replacing the PT Cruiser I contacted the DVLA to get the registration plate transferred. THREE WEEKS later (how slow are the DVLA??) the paperwork finally arrived and I was good to go.

The old plates didn’t look so great, the front plate had rusty screws holding it in place and the rear one even had a rivet holding it on one side 😯

So here’s a few “before and after” pics.

The old rear plate. Note how long the registration was and the rivet holding the plate in place:


Much better:


And the front had rusty screws:




Much better 🙂