RECON ‘Line Of Fire’ LED Tailgate Light Bar

RECON in America make some fantastic after market lighting products.

One in particular which caught my eye was the “Line of Fire” LED tailgate light bar. It was designed originally for pickup trucks but would look equally as good on a Nitro.

RECON product aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for with this kind of thing. The RECON tailgate light bars use 3mm diode LEDs (rather than the small SMD LEDs used on eBay imports).

What didn’t help with the cost was the shipping fee to the UK, plus then the Customs & Excise VAT charges which had to be paid when it arrived here. In all, this wasn’t a cheap mod.

When it did finally arrive I was a bit worried – it wasn’t packaged in the slightest!!


Considering it had travelled 4,256 miles, I was even more worried. Thankfully the box looked undamaged on the outside and sure enough, it powered up just fine. Phew!

Worth noting, it comes supplied with a four pin connector. This was intended to plug in to the trailer wiring plug – but on American vehicles.


We don’t have connectors like this in the UK so you’ll need to cut this plug off and hard wire it (which you’d probably do anyway).

Testing the light bar before fitting is always a good idea, especially when it wasn’t packaged and has just travelled half way round the globe to get here.


There are a few functions you can use depending on which wires you apply +12v to. The first mode is just “on”, as per the above photo. But you can also light just half of the bar. In America (I think) the indicator lens can be red. We can’t do that in the UK though so this function is redundant really, but here’s how it would look if wired to an indicator:


Also, the indicator mode is 6x brighter than the standard mode. Here’s the left hand side lit up in indicator mode and the right hand side is just standard tail light mode.


Supplying +12v to both indicator feeds then makes the light bar function as a brake light. So in my installation, I have it wired to the standard tail light and also to the brake light so it comes on with the normal lights and then goes 6x brighter when I brake.

The light bar comes supplied with 3M tape attached to some screwed on pads (bit of a daft arrangement really). The idea being that you stick the pads on the car then screw the bar to the pads. The main problem here is that the bar is straight, the rear of the Nitro under the lip of the boot isn’t, it’s arced.

So with the sticky pads ditched, it was time to get the drill out and put four decent self tappers in.

Dscn2382Make sure the screws bind in well, the curve on the rear end is quite surprising.

Dscn2383You can see on this photo the wires tuck neatly under a small gap in the existing tail light.

Dscn2385The tail gate bar is surprisingly bright in daylight too.

Dscn2386And of course, even brighter at night time.


Dscn2392 In this photo you can also see the LED number plate light bulb mod:


Cool mod 😎