LED side light bulbs

Another lighting mod and this time it was the side lights that were getting the upgrade treatment.

The side light bulbs are the little 5w lights that sit just underneath the headlight bulbs.


I took a couple of photos as they’re actually quite hard to make out.Dscn2296

This mod should have been relatively straight forward.

Take the old bulbs out, put the new bulbs in, drink another cup of tea.

How wrong was I?!

The offside bulb was easy, swapped out in under sixty seconds. The nearside bulb took me nearly an hour.

Yes, an hour.

Right behind the nearside headlamp assembly is the car battery. I really didn’t want to have to take battery out so it was looking like it would be easier to take the whole grill assembly out. That’s where my time started, I couldn’t get the grill out!

I read loads of forum posts and even watched a YouTube video but despite all of this, I could get the top half of the grill unclipped but the bottom part refused to budge. I was close to breaking it I’m sure. So I gave up and put it all back together.

I had a good look under the car to see if I could get to it that way and while laying on the floor I found an access panel in the nearside wheel arch. After battling with the panel for another five minutes it finally came off. Only then did I find out that I couldn’t reach the side light bulb from there either. So that all went back together again. Another cup of tea later and I decided to cut my losses and just take the battery out.

With the battery out, this bulb was also changed in under sixty seconds!

The LED replacement bulbs look VERY odd compared to the traditional standard 5w bulb.


Weird, eh?

Even in situ they still look a little odd.


For comparison purposes I just changed one bulb so you can see the different in the two.

Here’s a close up of the standard 5w bulb when lit.


And the LED bulb when lit.


I waited until it was dusk so I could take some photos at night so you can really see the difference the LED bulbs make.

It wasn’t until I saw how white the LED bulbs were that I realised just how incredibly yellow the original 5w bulbs looked. The difference was simply worlds apart.

Dscn2303Sorry if these photos are a bit blurry, it’s harder than you think to photograph a bulb at night!


One more photo when it was really dark.


Cool mod 😎