Genuine DODGE letters on bonnet

A couple of years ago I fitted some chrome DODGE letters to the bonnet.

These looked great at the time but that was a couple of years ago…

After just twelve months or so, the chrome started to peel, it went faded, one of the letters fell off (the sticky wasn’t very good) and in the end I had to paint them all silver just to cover up the peeling. Not good… but that’s what happens when you buy cheap chrome letters on eBay China for a few quid I guess.

It got to the stage where the letters were that bad, they either had to come off or be replaced.

The search was now on to find some genuine chrome DODGE letters. There were a couple of reasons I wanted genuine letters:

  1. They won’t fade
  2. The sticky pads will be better
  3. The letters will be larger
  4. The font will be correct (this was the important one)

Well, it was eBay to the rescue again, this time is was eBay USA though, in the form of genuine Dodge letters:

You’ll notice the ‘D’ letter is cut – the font is genuine Dodge!

It took around three weeks for the letters to arrive, I’m sure they went the long way round to get here.

I offered the new letters up against the old so you can see the different (click on any photo to enlarge it):

Bigger. Bolder.

Once I’d replaced the letters, I offered the old ones up to the new ones for another comparison:

And here’s the finished article:

Close up:

Left side:

Right side:

Much, much better 😎