Flip key mod

We’ve all seen them…

And I’ve certainly wanted one for years!


Imagine my disappointment when I bought my “new” car only to find it came with a standard key that keeps trying to stab me in the leg when it’s in my pocket.


After a bit of searching the Internet I stumbled upon a “flip key” for the Nitro (well, it’s kinda Chrysler generic really (hence the extra/unused buttons)).


It’s basically a blank key which you take to your local key cutting shop, they copy your existing key on to it (this cost me £5 and it took them around 90 seconds, super easy job). With the key cut (and tested!) you then simply swap the electronics out of your old key and in to the new one.


Sounds so easy, right?

Let me tell you, it took nearly half an hour to transfer. You need about eight pairs of hands as the whole (new) fob is spring loaded!


Anyway, it was worth it 🙂