Debadged tailgate

If there’s one thing I’ve never been a fan of, on any car, it’s manufacturer badges.

I just don’t see the need for them, they spoil the clean lines of a car. It doesn’t matter what model the car is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a SXT or XYZ spec, the engine size is irrelevant too. For what possible reason would anyone looking at the rear of your car ever need to know that level of detail? They wouldn’t.

So the badges on the tailgate had to go. Especially as there were five of them!


A couple of closeups.




See what I mean?

There is just no need for all those badges, none what so ever (or am I genuinely missing something here?)

The badges were actually quite tough to get off. The reason for this is that they’re solid, so in order to lift the badge, you can’t bend it at too much of an angle as the opposite end will dig in to the paintwork.

On previous cars I’ve heated the badge first with hairdryer but today the temperature was 28C+ so the sticky pads holding the badges in place was quite soft anyway.

Carefully peeling the badges off using a flat wall paper scraper covered in a cloth got the chrome part of the badge off.


But it left a right old sticky mess in its place.


Carefully peeling and pulling as much of the sticky stuff off as possible, doing my best not to damage the paint resulted in very sore fingers but I was slowly getting there.


Worth mentioning too at this point, if your car is more than a couple of years old, it’s entirely possible that the paint will have faded slightly, meaning that when you remove all the sticky stuff you can see where the badges were due to the paint not having faded.

With enough of the sticky stuff removed, I then used some clean alcohol to remove the last traces of the sticky.

Then with a decent cloth, some metallic T-Cut was used to even the paint out and get an even colour all over the tailgate.

The end result? A much cleaner back end.


And from a distance…


Doesn’t that look better? 🙂