Chrome indicator bulbs (rear)

Hot on the heels of the chrome indicator bulbs for the front comes the next natural mod, chrome indicator bulbs in the rear lights.


I love clear lenses, I really don’t like orange lenses so quite why car manufacturers build a clear lens unit then put an orange bulb in it is beyond me.

Look at this, they may as well have just used an orange lens.


So it was time for the orange tint to go.

Changing the rear indicator bulbs on a Dodge Nitro is a ridiculously over complicated job. First of all the entire lens unit has to be removed from the car.

Once the lens unit has been removed you then need a Torx bit to remove the bulb-bar from the lens unit itself.


After all that you can finally get to the bulbs.


Look how Orange that is!!

So out with the orange bulbs and in with the chromes.


You may have seen that when I did the front indicators that I needed to cut a tab off the side of the bulb, this wasn’t necessary for the rears. Quite why Dodge couldn’t use the same bulbs all round is also beyond me!

The bulbs literally just pull out and push in to the light-bar so the swap is a five second job, again it’s just a shame that getting to the bulbs is so overly complex.


Put the whole lot back together again and the end result is well worth the effort.


Clear lenses with no orange tint.


Perfect 😎