Chrome door sill guards

The latest mod has just been fitted, stainless steel door sill guards!


I’ve always been a bit put off by this mod due to the price. As they are a genuine Mopar part (#82210458) they’ve been priced at $150+ to the UK market – a bit over the top to say the least. I got lucky on eBay and was able to buy them overseas and have them shipped over for a fraction of that cost.

They arrive very well packaged and protected.

2014-02-11 19.22.16

Probably one of the easiest mods out there too. The whole lot took less than 15 minutes to fit 🙂

2014-02-19 15.12.54

The front ones are stamped with NITRO.

2014-02-19 15.13.02

And the rears are plain (apart from the embossed lines).

2014-02-19 15.09.03

Shiny 😎