Brodit clip and iPhone 4 holder

Brodit make fantastic mounting kits and holders for mobile phones.

They offer a two-part solution and the brilliance is in the simplicity of it all (usually).

You buy a bracket for your car, doesn’t matter what make or model, they’ll probably have at least one if not two or three different mounting options depending on where you want your phone. Most Brodit brackets have been cleverly designed to clip in to / on to existing areas of your dashboard or centre console meaning you don’t need to drill any holes or make any permanent changes.

With the bracket purchased, you then buy a holder for your phone which in turn attaches to the bracket. Again, unless you’ve got a Nokia from 1989, Brodit will have a holder for your model of phone.

The holder then very simply screws to the bracket.

So we’ll start off with some photos the bracket. There are two available, I chose the one which mounts up high on the dash as I’ll be using this for TomTom on my iPhone.

Dscn1981Inside the packet is the bracket itself and a gap insertion tool.


From the side view, you can see two lots of double sided tape to help keep things in place.


The holder for the phone comes with a swivel back plate, allowing you to rotate the phone in any direction you like.


The back plate of the holder simply screws to the front plate of the bracket.


Then the holder screws on to the now-mounted back plate, allowing it to swivel 360 degrees.


Once assembled it’s then time to fit the completed assembly in the car.

As mentioned, I wanted the iPhone up high so I can see the TomTom screen without having to take my eyes off the road, so the Brodit assembly was attached to the top of the cubby box.



Which still leaves plenty of room in the cubby box for other things.


And here’s the whole unit, with the iPhone in place.


I should mention, the iPhone holder has a thru-port on the bottom, so your phone actually “docks” in to the holder. I’ll be hooking up a Parrot MKi9200 kit using the iPhone 30-pin connector which will allow the audio from the phone to route through the car radio and speakers (music, sat nav, voice calls, etc) and will also charge the phone at the same time.

You can read more about the Parrot kit installation at

All in all an excellent piece of kit.

UPDATE: iPad Mini integration now complete!